Thursday, 26 April 2007


Swedish national public Radio has two interesting pieces of news this morning. In Georgia, formerly a part of the Soviet Union, conditions in gaols are miserable, to say the least. Inmates sleep in shifts in prisons populated by up to three times the intended amount. Up to 30 prisoners are assigned to cells built for ten.

Later, the correspondent for North America files a report from Camp VI, Guantanamo, Cuba. Conditions does not seem too gay there either, and the grim tone from the anonymous Commandant does really make me shiver.

The point though is that Georgia is a dirt poor former communist country with all those structural problems and shortages. It also receives foreign aid trying to improve it's Stalinistic prison system a bit.

The US on the other hand, is the richest and most powerful of nations. The unlawfully incarcerated prisoners detended at Guantanamo are there on loose assumptions of having threathened American Democracy.

But the fact is that they are treated in ways more resembling methods and the disregard for civil rights of those in a banana dictatorship.

The United States, the Nation that gave us Habeas Corpus, needlessly shames it's proud legacy as a beacon of freedom and justice.

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