Monday, 11 June 2007

The China Syndrome

Chinese president mr Hu Jintao has just finished a three day visit here in Sweden. Among stuff the marxist-leninist head of the larges kommunist state in the world has dined with the king, visited Volvo and had lunch with leading top corporations. Among them Ericsson, that secured a contract worth roughly one billion US dollars.

Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (cons) makes a point tonight in media that critisizing China in detail for its lack of respect for human rights was not "his style".

I would run a great risk if I conveyed medias version of the situation in China without checking it, Reinfeldt defended himself earlier tonight in an interwiev with Swedish national radio.

Of course he should get the facts checked. That's what the whole State Departement and his central policy planning staff is for, after all.

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