Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hot Air in Mid Term

Hardly half way through its 4 year term, the swedish right-liberal government is in deep trouble. At least in the opinion polls. As of this monday, Demoskop gave the ruling four parties a mere 38.6 percent and the opposition a staggering near 20 percentage point lead at 57.6. Not bad for a social democratic party that only 14 months ago was thoroughly trounced at the ballot boxes.

Therefore, todays debate in Parliament was little more than close to predictably boring. The social democrat's Mona Sahlin lambasted the administration for stealing from the poor and throwing tax reform at the rich. Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (conservative) in his turn asked her for some tangible proof of proactive or constructive opposition policy.

In other words, things were as they should, and nothing more exiting than that will transpire in Swedish domestic policy before the election season starts sometimes after New Year 2010.

Until then, we political junkies will have to make do on the thin fare of petty scandal and infighting this government has made us expect.

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