Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Uniting by Proxy

President GW Bush former speechwrier Mike Gerson writes in Neewsweek:

"... there is, perhaps, one large American political figure who could cause depressed, fractious Republicans to bind their wounds, downplay their divisions, renew their purpose, and join hands in blissful unity at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Republican convention.
And that figure is Hillary Clinton."

Using the deeply feared C-word as a possible means for uniting and mending the party is in indeed a telling measure of how deep the crisis goes in the G.O.P.

Meanwhile, our readers have already decided on the outcome of the presidential election in today's web question:

Clinton: 57.4 %
Obama: 29.2
Huckabee: 1.2
Edwards: 1.2
McCain 4.1
Romney: 1.5
Giuliani: 5.0

Either people in southeast Skåne are shrewd Rpublican tacticians. Or more probably, they follow Swedish Mainstream media, where the Republican party most of the time lies under the radar.

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